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    How to choose a grinder?

    Grinders Makita

    If you have a car, which you do repairs yourself, if from time to time you have to remove the rust and old paint, and cut water pipes, brick and concrete, then you need to have a special tool - sander. Or, if you do not want - to get it. But how to choose the machine with a variety of models on the market, for which it is suitable works and what to look for when purchasing, we try to find out today.

    Grinders are of two types, they are either professional equipment or normal household tools. First designed for continuous operation in an intensive mode, and more suitable for garages and those who are professionally engaged in the construction and repair work. Second - is a tool that should be "in the wings" for any man small "cosmetic" work. Professional grinders are made of better materials, they have reliable electronics, impressive size, excellent performance and maximum productivity.

    Metabo Grinders

    But you can hardly buy professional equipment if you do repairs only from time to time. It will be sufficient to have only domestic grinder. Of course, her performance is much lower, it is designed to use no more than 2-2.5 hours a day, and at work the machine must "rest" every 10-15 minutes. But in the domestic environment, as practice shows, that is enough. Especially, and this tool has its pros - home grinder light, compact and inexpensive. It is an ideal tool for home, garage and garden.

    Perhaps the most popular and most versatile instrument of all angle grinders is the so-called grinders. They are not only very convenient to work in the corners, but also easy to sand the surface, due to the unique metal handle features - the output shaft of the motor relative to the plane is at a right angle. Name these tools got through the first such instrument company Eltos, which appeared in the USSR in the late 70-ies of the last century. It is not difficult to guess that produced these tools Bulgaria.

    Grinders Bosch

    By the way, Bulgarian multifunctional. If you look for a tool for the treatment of solid metals, for example, you need to cut a brick or curbs, or clean up the rust, you can use it for this grinder after setting her cutting disc. The depth of the cut depends on the diameter of the disc. If instead you set the drive wire brush, then grinder can help you in removing old paint from metal surfaces.

    But how do you know which model is best to buy. Decide to see where exactly you need a grinder. If you're mainly engaged in grinding or polishing the surface, or make shallow cuts, enough power tool 600-1.000 watts. Popular models Hitachi G13SS and Bosch PMF 190 E. If grinder is used for cutting, such as concrete, it is better to buy a more serious tool with a capacity of up to 2,000 watts. For example, any company model Makita.

    Grinders Hitachi

    It is important that the instrument contained system speed control range. If it does not cope with such a sharp angle grinder and brick and metal, and other materials, but nevertheless, some species will be grinding it available. In the event that you need to make rough grinding surface, you might consider acquiring belt grinding machine, for example, STURM BS8573, and for the treatment of wood and stone - orbital sanders. Hopefully these tips will help you choose a worthy tool for building and repair.


    Grinder Makita GV7000C
    Makita GV7000C

    Grinder Bosch GWS 24-230 H
    Bosch GWS 24-230 H

    Sander Skil 1210 LA
    Skil 1210 LA

    Grinder Hitachi SV12SD
    Hitachi SV12SD

    Grinder Metabo S 18 LTX 115 Set
    Metabo S 18 LTX 115 Set

    Grinder Sturm OS8150R
    Sturm OS8150R

    Grinder DeWALT D28885
    DeWALT D28885

    Grinder Black Decker KA270
    Black Decker KA270

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